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Q: What is the National Digital Edition (NDE)?

A: The National Digital Edition (NDE) by The Washington Times is an easy-to-read and easy-to-access, daily “living digital newspaper” showcasing the articles and features that readers have come to enjoy from the home of fearless reporting and American values. The NDE updates continuously and includes the best articles and op-eds written by The Washington Times’ staff, plus exclusive columns and features only available to NDE subscribers. The NDE transforms reading The Washington Times content into an interactive magazine format on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. On whatever computer or mobile device you use, our National Digital Edition optimizes its display to give you the best possible reading experience. Its convenience, portability, and ease of reading has the same hard-hitting reporting and conservative commentary that you have come to expect from your favorite news source.
Q: Why did the Times launch National Digital Edition subscriptions?

A: Since our founding in 1982, the impact of the reporting and commentary by The Washington Times has reached far beyond Capitol Hill and the Beltway and well into America’s heartland. Our website has been a great addition to helping folks who care about our nation and its values get the kind of news unavailable elsewhere. To augment that experience and to keep up with the demand of our readers, we created a convenient and portable format with our National Digital Edition to accommodate the digital reading experience many prefer today.
Q: Why should I subscribe to the National Digital Edition?

A: Access. Convenience. Portability. And most of all, affordability. The National Digital Edition is an affordable and enjoyable portal to a world of journalism, unparalleled in the mainstream media. With our National Digital Edition, you can access our great reporting and commentary without the squinting often required when reading other crowded websites. What is also great about our National Digital Edition is you will have instant access to special features like select videos, interviews, exclusive content, and topical sections to keep you fully informed.
Q: Can I access the National Digital Edition on more than one desktop, laptop, smart phone, or tablet?

A: Yes, you sure can! Simply download the appropriate application and make sure you are logged off of the other computers and you will be all set.
Q: How often is the National Digital Edition updated?

A: The NDE starts with a daily feed from The Washington Times and then updates every hour—or as soon as major breaking news occurs. Anytime you want to make sure you have the latest edition, hit the refresh button on your browser window, or open a new window for
Q: Can I get to previous editions of National Digital Edition?

A: Our National Digital Edition is a “living document” which provides you the opportunity to search for subjects that interest you. You can also search for old stories on The Washington Times’ website:
Q: How does the National Digital Edition work?

A: The digital edition is a new HTML5 app—it works on any web browser. Powered by Treesaver technology, the app automatically lays out content in pages that fit any size screen—desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
Q: Do I need a connection to the Internet when reading the National Digital Edition?

A: Yes. Since the National Digital Edition is a “living document,” it requires an Internet connection to give you the latest news and best possible reading experience.
Q: Is the National Digital Edition also available as an app?

A: Yes, the National Digital Edition is available for both Apple and Android devices. If you own an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), you can download the free app onto your mobile device from the App Store. Android smartphone or tablet users can download the app from the Google Play Store. In either app store, just search on the words “Washington Times” to find the apps. Or click on links below to access app.
      iTunes App Store         Google Play
Q: I have a subscription to The Washington Times on my Kindle or Nook. Does this give me access to the NDE?

A: No. The National Digital Edition is a separate product with very different content and a very distinctive reading experience. Once you are a NDE subscriber, you can download the NDE from the Google Play store for touch devices that are powered by Android.
Q: Is there a digital replica available of the daily print newspaper?

A: Yes. You can access the last five editions of the digital replica in PDF formats as a NDE subscriber. The PDFs can be found as the last article in the “NEWS” index.
Q: How do I sign up for the National Digital Edition?

A: Signing up for the National Digital Edition by The Washington Times is simple, affordable, and only takes a few minutes! By going to, you will be connected directly to a quick registration form and then you are minutes away from a whole new way to experience The Washington Times.
Q: What are my National Digital Edition subscription options?

A: We have made subscribing to the National Digital Edition a streamlined process at the affordable rate of only $39.95 for a whole year of service. That is just pennies a day for complete access to our most digitally enhanced version of the news and commentary you have come to enjoy! There are also options for monthly and weekly subscriptions.
• Annual Subscription: $39.99 every 52 weeks (Best Value!)
• Monthly Subscription: $5.99 every 4 weeks
• Weekly Subscription: $2.99 per week
Q: How are digital subscriptions billed?

A: We accept all major credit cards. All subscriptions are paid in advance and will renew automatically on your renewal date. Annual subscriptions will automatically renew every 52 weeks, monthly subscriptions will automatically renew every four weeks, and weekly subscriptions renew automatically each week. You will not be mailed an invoice and we will charge your credit card on an ongoing basis unless you notify us via Easy-Pay. You must notify the National Digital Edition support team 72 hours prior to your desired cancel date for processing.

The Washington Times’ National Digital Edition benefits with Easy-Pay include:
• Uninterrupted Service
• No Bills
• Hassle-Free Renewal Service
• Guaranteed Subscription
Q: Can I pay by check, invoice, or PayPal?

A: No. We only accept payments by credit card.
Q: I am outside the United States. How will my subscription price be calculated?

A: National Digital Edition subscription prices are in U.S. dollars. If you are outside the United States, we will calculate your subscription price each billing term, based on the exchange rate at the time of the calculation.
Q: Will I be able to use National Digital Edition without paying for a digital subscription?

A: National Digital Edition subscriptions will only be available for paid digital subscribers or print subscribers who have an eligible subscription. There is no free edition of the NDE, but please check out the 'Top 5' of the NDE here [embed link]. Without the NDE subscription you can still read our news at
Q: How do I access the digital edition and sign in to my account once I have subscribed?

A: There are three ways to access the digital edition. If you are on a desktop, laptop, or device with a modern browser, simply click on this link and you will get to the login screen.

At the login screen, enter your email address and password and you will soon be off and running. Remember to bookmark the link prior to exiting the first time. If you own an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), you can download the free app onto the device from the iTunes App Store. Android smartphone or tablet users can download the app from the Google Play. In either app store, just search on the words “Washington Times” to find the apps.
Q: How do I advertise in the National Digital Edition?

A: Placing your message with our National Digital Edition delivers to a powerful audience that drives direct results. Convenience and ease of tailoring your message using the latest technology provides quick response and enhances your branding. For more information, please contact us by email or call 202-636-3027.